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The Danish African Soccer Academy was founded by ex.-Kenyan National team player Hamid F Juniour. Juniour wanted to establish a soccer academy that specialised in training elite youth leageu teams, but still need one-on-one training that allows for more specialist work.This will allow players to develop individual skills and also works on any areas of weaknesses.

Juniour has coached youth teams in the last few years and could see many of the youth league players that he coached or saw playing,were good team players and athletes but often lacked that first touch that top players have.They could see that working as a team coach meant that most coaching sessions were quite rightly based around team play and requirements with little or no time available to work with individual.

The aim of Danish African Soccer Academy is to  concentrate on the individual players,develop their strenghths,help eliminates their weaknesses and at the same time make sure that these youth players enjoy themselves and have fun in the process.

Hamid.F Juniour played competetive football here in Copenhagen with defferent division clubs.He played his youth soccer in Mombasa Kenya as well as Koblez in Germany and in California in the US, worked with many Danish and African youth and other minorities groups projects in Denmark for almost 10 years now.For 4 years he has worked with The Danish Footballers Union (DBU) on youth coaching projects called Footballers School in Danmark,and managed to obtain a diploma from DBU.

Juniour has exceptional credentials as coach,player and leader and for his future plans, is to have his coaching degree done in two years  UEFA/DBU-AB .Jr. thinks sports has the way to touch youth ,regardless of their language or ethnicity background and his key point to this Academy is to provide youth,mainly from African  with quality coaching to improve their football skills and give them chance to play with top Danish and Europeans youth soccer fiesta.

Dasac plans are,to perticipate in personal and social development with strong links to parents,manicipality and other youth organisation that are working with welfare in Danmark.

Juniour.also runs soccer projects for youth in Malindi Kenya with little help from Italy,Norway and some youth volunteres in Malindi.The objective of youth soccer project/academy in Malindi also called Dasac by the youth themselves,is to use soccer as an accessible,affordable and means to give chance to Malindi youth and to boost their  confidence,channel  their energies in  constructive direction and away from troubles.
















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