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The purpose of this project is to promote soccer in Africa through DASAC. We Started with the Malindi DASAC Youth Team, where we secure facilities for the youth to train, play soccer and basketball games without difficulties.

The emphasis of our project is to provide a socially positive environment for the youth, while, at the same time, getting them off the streets and away from the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Through this project, we encourage the youth to attend school, as well as initiating activities that help them to earn a living, and/or a basic or higher educational diploma. Education is the key to rising out of poverty and oppression, and through empowering them with an increased sense ofself esteem, they will be able to pursue other positive life choices.

Through increasing their soccer skills, we assist in the process of being accepted into local, national and international soccer teams, and thus, becoming role models for other youth. We also use this project occasion to raise Youth awareness concerning HIV/AIDS, and this also incorporates all local community key point members of the area.

Please join us in helping, by showing in actions of care, and showing the youth that the international community can make a difference. By giving just a little it makes an incredible difference to these youth who are worthy of being given a chance for a better life.
















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